🇮🇹Tek Spex 2001🇮🇹 MADE IN ITALY 🇮🇹Unisex RX-Able Progressive Reader Glasses / Sunglasses with Photochromic or Polarized Lens 51-10-145

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If there's one thing Italians are known for the world over (besides food!), it's stunning fashion, and our already popular line of Tek Spex progressive readers just got a serious upgrade! We're so very proud to introduce our top-of-the-line Tek Spex 2001 progressive reading glasses and sunglasses, hand-crafted and hand-finished by our distinguished designer in Italy. Tek Spex progressive lenses excel in performance yet cost hundreds of dollars less than comparable glasses from your optician or even your discount optical stores. Multifocus progressive readers allow you to see up close, middle distance, and far away with absolutely NO LINE to interfere with your sight Nobody will know you're wearing readers but you! Tek Spex 2001 are available in polarized tinted lenses that protect your precious eyesight from glare from reflective surfaces, allowing you to see with perfect clarity and precision no matter what the outdoor activity. Read the green better, see the fish better, do everything better with the highest quality polarization on the market. With Tek Spex, you can read dashboard instruments, GPS navigation, cell phones, and more, giving you unmatched multifocal vision both up close and at a distance. Our Italian designer utilizes a unique dual-injection technique making these acetate frames incredibly thin and lightweight yet strong and durable for all-day comfort while reading and playing outdoors.

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