"Mach 5" Bifocal Sunglasses

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Are you still wearing two pairs of glasses when you work or play outdoors? Once you experience the freedom of Mach 5 bifocal sunglasses from Aloha Eyewear, you will never again be annoyed by the hassle of switching back and forth between your readers and your sunglasses. The tops are regular sunglasses with small, prescription-quality optics at the bottom. Mach 5 reading sunglasses are not only stylish: they utilize the latest lens technology for an almost invisible bifocal line, so discrete that you will look like you are wearing regular sunglasses. If you are one the millions of youthful and active men and women who lead a busy, multi-tasking lifestyle and need to read outdoors while you drive, work, travel, play sports or just relax in the sun, this is the solution you have been looking for. Mach 5 bifocal sunglasses feature a durable, metal frame throughout, with comfort-fit spring temples and adjustable nose pads for all-day enjoyment. Unlike the rather flat shape of regular aviators, these reading sunglasses have a modified wrap-around shape which helps block the sun's strong rays from entering through the sides of the glasses. On sale exclusively from Aloha Eyewear (formerly Ritzy Readers), not sold in stores.
  • Fits medium - wide. Actual dimensions:
  • Modified metal frame aviators with wrapping shape and spring-hinge temples with adjustable nose pads.
  • Great for fishing, boating, biking, cycling, golf, hunting, or any other outdoor use.
  • Large field of view with 100% 400 UV protection. On sale exclusively online from Aloha Eyewear (formerly Ritzy Readers), not sold in stores.
  • Includes carrying case to protect your shades.

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