When you want to find a great pair of polarized bifocal sunglasses, we have just what you need.

 With polarized bifocal sunglasses, you will be able to do everything you ever wanted to do outdoors without the glare of the sun. All of our sunglasses have 100% UV protection, and many are rated for safely with shatterproof polycarbonates lenses. Our large selection of great pairs of bifocal sunglasses will allow you to do anything you ever wanted to do outside and still be able to read your cell phone or your score sheets.  When you can do things outside with just one pair of glasses, you will no longer have the hassle and inconvenience of switching back and forth between your readers and your sun readers. You will be able to enjoy outdoor activities more.  You will never have to wear two pairs of glasses again with our great bifocal sunglasses.

 You will find we have several great pairs of polarized bifocal sunglasses that work great for both men and women.  We have a few that are a bit more masculine and look great on many of our male customers.  Some styles are sporty while others are sophisticated. With our bifocal sunglasses, you will be able to do many things again from baiting a fishing hook to keeping track of your score when you play golf or reading the measuring tape on the job site.  We also have some great feminine bifocal sunglasses that will allow you to read outdoors.  You will even be able to dial or answer your cellular phone and see who is calling before you answer instead of searching for your readers first.  This will not only save you time but save it is much safer than trying to find a pair of glasses and switch back and forth while you are driving.

Polarized bifocal sunglasses are great for many activities

Being able to do the things outside that you did when you were younger is something everyone wants to be able to do.  With our polarized bifocal sunglasses, you will be able enjoy your favorite activities and still look great.  You will also have less glare with our polarized sunglasses than with our non-polarized glasses.  We simply want to help you enjoy your life and not be restricted by your glasses to do things you have always loved to do.


You will explicitly enjoy the fact that with our polarized bifocal sunglasses you will only have to wear one pair of glasses at a time.  You’ve probably seen many people wearing two pairs of glasses.  They have their reading glasses plus their sunglasses.  Well we saw this and decided we needed to find a way to combine the two and that is how we came up with our bifocal sunglasses in the first place.  Adding the polarized part to our glasses only makes them even better because now there is less  glare to help you see even better.


If you have questions about our polarized bifocal sunglasses you can email us  at help@alohaeyes.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  You can also call us at 352-234-9510 and one of our representatives will assist you with everything from placing an order to helping you find the size and type of glasses you  need.