Tek Spex 1009 Women's Photo-Chromatic Progressive NO LINE Bifocal Reader Glasses / Sunglasses

Experience the ultimate clarity of vision available with no prescription with Tek Spex 1009 Digital Progressive photo-chromatic sun readers. Tek Spex progressive lenses excel in performance yet cost hundreds of dollars less than comparable glasses from your optician or even your discount optical stores.

How do we do it? Aloha Eyewear deals directly with the lab, eliminating the middleman to pass those huge savings on to you. Our progressives are superior to conventional progressive lenses because Tek Spex lenses are made using the latest Digital-Ray-Path technology. Digital progressives are extremely easy to get used to: they do not have as much distortion (also known as aberration) on the sides of the lens the way conventional progressives do. They deliver freedom to see clearly in every direction, which only the finest progressive bifocals can provide. Plus, there is absolutely NO LINE to interfere with your sight!

Tek Spex 1009 also feature photo-chromatic lenses that transition seamlessly from clear while indoors to 100% UV protective tint while outdoors. No longer will you have to keep track of two pairs of readers, truly making Tek Spex 1009 the only reading glasses you will ever need. These versatile eyeglasses are the perfect all-in-one solution for those who need to read indoors or work and play in the sun without having to switch back and forth between regular readers and reading sunglasses. With Tek Spex, you can read dashboard instruments, GPS navigation, cell phones, and more, giving you unmatched multifocal vision both up close and at a distance.

But what about comfort, you ask? Tek Spex 1009 are made with durable, lightweight, optical-quality acetate frames that are built to last. They sit so comfortably on your face that you may well forget you're wearing them! The frames are prescription-ready, so you can take them to your local optician, Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, etc, to have them fitted with your own personal glasses or sunglasses prescription.

  • Discover the convenience of wearing just one pair of reading glasses for the entire day. Work at your computer, read a book, check your cell phone, watch TV, or go out in the sun with the same glasses.
  • Progressive multifocus reading glasses have ABSOLUTELY NO LINE. Digital-Ray-Path lens technology delivers the ultimate clarity of vision, with very little distortion on the sides of the lenses compared to normal progressives. See up close, medium distance, and far away all with the same pair of readers. Reading sunglass magnification so invisible, nobody will know you're wearing bifocals but you!
  • Photo-chromatic lenses automatically transition from clear while indoors to UV400 tint while outdoors, giving your eyes unmatched safety and convenience in one stylish frame. Premium-quality 100% UVA and UVB protection with scratch-resistant, anti-reflective coating to protect your eyes while allowing you to see up close, medium, and far distances.
  • Durable, optical-quality acetate frames with spring-hinge temples let you work and play indoors or out in the sun in total comfort. Prescription-ready frames that can be fitted with your own glasses or sunglasses prescription.
  • Average Fit. Lens: 2 in. w x 1.5 in. h Temple: 5 in. Weight: 0.9 oz. Optical measurements: 53x16x135mm. Hard Case and micro-fiber cleaning cloth included.

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