"Cambridge" Round Narrow Fit Readers

Cambridge reading glasses from Aloha Eyes are a cool, classic addition to our line of unisex reading glasses with a unique, colorful twist. Featuring vintage rounded lenses, these readers give you a bit of a professorial look, but with the added bonus of a bold dash of color. Not everyone can pull them off, but those who can will find them quite striking. Cambridge readers are attractive and lightweight with a spring-hinge temple, allowing you to read in style and comfort for extended periods whether you're reading on a bench at the park or working hard at the office. Perfect for those who want to express themselves with a trendy and attractive pair of Italian-inspired specs but don't want to spend hundreds on a comparable pair of prescription glasses. Please note that Cambridges are not bifocals, they have magnification throughout and are thus unsuitable for distance viewing.
  • Colorful Italian Styling That Looks Attractive on Both Men and Women
  • Fits Narrow - Medium. Lens: 1.75in w. x 1.25in h. Temple: 5in Weight:0.7oz
  • Lightweight Design and Spring-Hinge Temples for Extended Use
  • Hundreds of Dollars Less Than Prescription Readers
  • Includes Leather-Look Case to Protect Your Glasses

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