"Dynamo" Trendy Unisex Reading Glasses

Dynamo reading glasses from Aloha Eyes are a bold and refreshing choice for those who are sick of boring, fuddy-duddy readers. The color palette of Dynamos really make a statement, drawing the eye to the face and matching the style of the wearer. Not for everyone, but perfect for men and women who aren't afraid of a little color and who like attention. Dynamos are extremely lightweight, a great choice for those who like to read for hours at a time. And the best part of all, they're hundreds of dollars less than a comparable pair of prescription glasses. Please note that these are not bifocal lenses. The lenses are magnified throughout and are thus not suitable for distance viewing.
  • Slim Design in Several Fashion Colors
  • Lightweight Frames for All-Day Comfort
  • Fits Most Faces. Lens: 2in w. x 1in h. Temple: 5.25in Weight:1.1oz
  • Hundreds of Dollars Less Than Prescription Glasses
  • Includes Carrying Case to Protect Your Glasses

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