"Flex Spex" Ultra-Flexible Readers

Attention, Mr. Destructo! Are you one of those men who always seem to break their glasses? We've created Flex Spex just for you! We know how much you hate wasting your money on cheap, fragile readers that never survive once you drop them or sit on them. You'll love our incredibly durable, extra lightweight Flex Spex reading glasses. They're practically indestructible. No matter how you twist and bend our advanced polymer frames, they effortlessly go back to their original shape. The slim, half-reader styling is meant to be worn at the end of your nose, so you can leave them on all day and just look over the top when you want to look across the room or walk around. You'll never again have to deal with the nuisance of constantly taking your readers on and off. Super flexibility means they will fit men with average to extra-large heads. Available online exclusively from AlohaEyes.com, not sold in stores.
  • Premium-Quality Lenses for Crystal Clear Vision
  • The Latest in Non-Prescription Reading Glasses Designed for Style and Comfort
  • Almost-Indestructible Construction and Ultra-Lightweight Design
  • Fits Average - Wide. Actual Dimensions - Height: .75 in. Width: 5.25 in. Arm Length: 5.75 in. Weight: 0.5 oz
  • Includes Carrying Case to Protect Your Glasses From Scratching

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