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"Islander RX04" RX-Able Reading Glasses

$ 19.99
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Color: Black w/Red Stripe
Power: 1
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"Islander RX04"  Ready To Wear Optical Quality Reading Glasses are also RX-Able - just add your prescription lens.
Say hello to the "Islander" collection, Aloha Eyewear's brand new line of stylish and versatile readers! Islanders are our first set of acetate reading glasses that were specifically designed to meet all your indoor reading needs. They come with your choice of standard-power reading lenses set in sturdy, optical-quality frames that can also easily accommodate custom lenses from your optician. Ideal for men and women who need different reading magnification for each eye or for those who just want a quality pair of prescription-ready frames without having to break the bank. Islander RX04 has a classic, square shape that gives a dash of geek chic flair to your wardrobe, but there also are other Islanders models from Aloha Eyewear that come in an array of styles and colors, so be sure to check out all the varieties and pick the style that best suits you. Please note: if you are purchasing Islanders solely as prescription-ready frames, you will still need to choose a magnification strength as they are not available without the default reading lens. Not available in stores, sold exclusively online by Aloha Eyewear.
  • Designer, prescription-ready frames with built-in reading lenses.
  • Fits Most Faces. Lens: 2in w. x 1.25in h. Temple: 5.25in Weight:1.1oz Optical Measurements: Lens: 50mm Bridge: 18mm Arms: 140mm
  • Stylish readers available in four fashion colors: black with red stripe, black with white stripe, blue, and brown.
  • Includes hard carrying-case to protect your glasses.
  • On sale exclusively online from Aloha Eyewear, not available in stores.