"Prodigy" Reading Glasses

Our Prodigy reading glasses are simple yet elegant, designed to look fantastic with any outfit. These square-framed readers are inspired by modern Italian designer styling, with bold lines that ensure you'll always look smart - in every sense of the word. Prodigy readers are attractive and lightweight, allowing you to read in style and comfort for extended periods. A perfect solution for men and women who want an attractive and versatile reader, but don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of prescription reading glasses that might get lost or broken.
  • Sleek Italian Styling That Looks Attractive on Both Men and Women
  • Fits Most Faces. Lens: 2.25in w. x 1.5in h. Temple: 5.5in Weight:1.1oz
  • Not A Bifocal - Reading Lenses Throughout
  • Lightweight Design All-Day Comfort
  • Includes Leather-Look Case to Protect Your Glasses

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