"Seabreeze" Designer Quality Sunglasses -Genuine Swarovski Crystals - 100%UV

Seabreeze fashion sunglasses make you feel like you're living in lap of luxury no matter where you are. These trendy, square shades are absolutely covered with dozens of Genuine Swarovski Crystals which shine and shimmer in the sunlight, drawing attention right where it belongs: on you. Seabreezes will make you feel like a jet-setting world traveler, whether you're cruising the Mediterranean Isles or just driving around town. These sunglasses are perfect for women who love to look sexy without dropping hundreds of dollars on a designer pair of shades.
  • 100% UV Protection Protects Your Eyes From the Harmful Rays of the Sun
  • Large Lens Frames with Dozens of Genuine Swarovski Crystals That Glitter in the Sunlight
  • Fits Most Faces. Lens: 2.5in.w. x 2in.h. Temple: 5.5in, Weight: 1.4oz
  • Designer-Inspired Fashion That Costs Hundreds of Dollars Less Than Comparable Shades
  • Comes With Hard Carrying Case to Protect Your Investment