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Bifocal Reading Glasses Can be Worn All Day
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Bifocal Reading Glasses Can be Worn All Day

Bifocal Reading Glasses: say YES to “Can You Read Me now?

When you get to the point where you can’t read text like this up close without having to move very far away or get very close to your screen, you may want to consider getting reading glasses. Reading glasses are available in two basic types: Full frame glasses, where the entire surface of the lenses is made according to an eye care providers prescription and “half eye” glasses, which look like the small style of glasses that Ben Franklin wore. Most people prefer the full frame type of glasses and wear what are called bifocal reading glasses.

Bifocal Reading Glasses Are A Smart Choice

Reading glasses consist of a pair of magnifying lenses to help you see close up. Ready to wear bifocal reading glasses have no magnification on top while the bottom consists of two small lenses for reading. To determine the proper strength of magnification for your needs you may either have an eye exam performed by an optometrist or simply use our Eye Chart to determine your personal level of comfort.  Bifocal reading glasses are great at helping you go through your daily routines. With bifocal readers, you can leave your reading glasses on all day because you can see both near and far while wearing them. This is very convenient for people who do paperwork or work on a computer but need to walk around the home or office intermittently. With bifocal readers, all you have to do is put on one pair of glasses and you’re good to go all day. The prescription lenses are ready to wear in a variety of strengths, so they are very popular and cost effective.

It’s just good common sense that you should consult with an eye care doctor every one or two years to ensure proper eye health. Needing a new pair of glasses or getting a new prescription might just be because you’re getting older and that’s ok. But you might have a more serious problem with your eyes, so regular checkups are always advised. Let us help you pick out the right pair of ALOHA bifocal reading glasses today.

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