Aloha means love, affection, kindness, sentiment, it means to venerate or remember with affection.

You show aloha in the way you treat all people: family, friends, neighbors, strangers, and the environment. This is the deeper meaning to the word aloha.

While aloha is widely known to be synonymous with both hello and goodbye. It's far less known why it is used in both greetings and farewells.  It's not that aloha is a direct translation of both of the words hello and goodbye. Even though it is often defined exactly that way in dictionary definitions. We have a shared spiritual connection as humans living on this small planet of ours. When we acknowledge that during greetings and farewells, it creates a sense and feeling of oneness and balance. It’s a way that we can all connect. 

We believe that there are universal spiritual truths. Sometimes expressed with different words with very different literal definition. Aloha, Namaste, Peace, Salaam, Shalom, and others are among these. 

When you look beyond literal translations, and instead see what is truly important to us as humans when we are saying these words, you find that we are all not so different after all. We may come from different ethnicities, geographic regions, and religious faiths -- but we can all have aloha spirit within us no matter who we are.

Aloha is an expression of spiritual exchange, a shared existence in the company of each other, it is an acknowledgement of the inner glow within each other.

Pay it forward, share your aloha spirit.


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