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How To Create A Fashion Statement with Sunglasses
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How To Create A Fashion Statement with Sunglasses


When it comes to style, your sunglasses should NOT be one of the last things on your mind. Besides the many health benefits they provide, sunnies have the power to spice up any wardrobe.

With the wide range of sunglasses out there, it's not always an easy task when it comes to selecting the best fashion statement you want to make.

Shauna (shown above) seems to have found the perfect outfit to sport our "Marquee" bifocal sunglasses. For those who need a bit of inspiration we have a few ways to help guide you in the right direction:

Dress for Your Mood

As long as it doesn't clash with your skin tone, choosing a style of frames to express your mood is one way to show everyone how fashion savvy you really are. Feeling flirty and sassy? Choose frames with polka dots or detailed embellishments, such as our "Sea Castle" sunglasses (shown left), for that extra pizazz. Sunglasses with sharp edges, oversized frames, or cutout designs are great for those who are in the daring and adventurous mood.
Maybe you're feeling a bit reserved? Sporting the classic wayfarer or aviator shaped frame, like the youngster below, is a must.

Choose a Color to Compliment Your Wardrobe

Choosing the appropriate color is KEY when it comes to making a fashion statement with sunglasses. Remember, you want to make a bold statement but at the same time you don't want to over do the whole "fashion forward aesthetic." Multicolored sunglasses are always a favorite, the arms of the frame may be a shade of blue while the face of the frames are green. This is a great way to increase your wardrobe choices without compromising your style.

Wearing a pair of sunglasses that is the same color as a piece of your clothing is a great way to make a statement. Making your entire outfit blue isn't always suggested. If you match blue sunglasses to blue shoes, or blue accented shoes, the whole outfit comes together in a seemingly effortless way.
Aloha Eyes "Fast Track" Men and Women's Wayfarer Sunglasses

Patters are unique and can add that extra pop of fun to anyones wardrobe ensemble, but can be tricky. We're not here to tell you how to live your life, so if wearing stripes and polka dots is your cup of tea then by all means, go for it. We adore matching checkered sunglasses with checkered shirts, but to leave a not so distracting vibe we recommend pairing pattern sunglasses with solid colored clothing. Even if you doubt your selection try to remember that confidence is key.
 Your Plans

Still stuck on how to create a fashion statement with sunglasses? Nothing wrong with taking your plans for the day into consideration. Are your new sunglasses going to be for work or play? Fancy or backyard casual events? With this mindset and amount of preparedness others won’t help but notice how detail oriented you are.

Outdoor settings are pretty simple to make your style stand out. Think fun colors, sporty, and funky styles. Can’t go wrong with take chances on something that you wouldn’t normally wear. The most important thing is to have fun with it.

Maybe you need sunglasses for a not so casual occasion. Frames with modern twists are a great way how to show off your inner fashionista without being too wacky.

For women we recommend styles such as our “Jolie’s”. The pointed gold corners and zig zag arms are simple additions to the classic cat eye shape frames

Size and Shape

Making a fashion statement based on the size and shape of sunglasses is a great way to change up your look and grab attention. Bold or subtle? When done correctly, subtle sunglasses can make just as much of a lasting impression as anything else. Wearing a design/pattern packed outfit and don’t want to draw too much attention away from your staple piece? Slim and simple designed frames are a classic way to pull your entire look  together. Minor decorative embellishments are a great way to incorporate style without over powering your face or anything else you may be wearing.

Bold sunglasses have an obvious advantage in this department. No one will be able to miss the style you’re sporting when choosing frames that are "large and in charge.” Pairing larger frames with patterned outfits, like Claudia did with our "Crystal Queen," is a great way to make your personality come to life.
The shape of your sunglasses is just as important when trying to create that perfect tone for your ensemble. Leaning more towards a classic or retro vibe? Try sunglasses with an aviator or a round frame such as our "Pop Art" (shown above). Heart shaped sunglasses are sexy, big and playful. Square sunglasses tend to be more studious and modern. 


Smoke, amber, mirror, pink, green, blue....with the endless amount of colors available, who says you can't make a fashion statement with sunglasses based on the color of the lenses? Sure, going with classic colored lenses are beneficial for the majority of your outfits...but why settle for average? Just that extra pop of color will bring the attention right where it's needed.

Lens Fashion Statement

Dwayne Wade is absolutely right, “Fashion’s about taking chances, it’s about taking risks, and just doing it the way you feel comfortable doing it. If you do that, people will respect it more.” So go ahead and rock those edgy sunglasses to a fancy event, or show off those over the top sunglasses for casual plans, to make that lasting impression.

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