Tek Spex 3000 Series Progressive Bifocal Readers with Blue Light Blocking Technology

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How Do They Work?

Computer screens emit a high intensity, high frequency blue light which can tire and even damage your eyes. Our Tek Spex 3000 series progressive reading glasses are tinted with special anti-glare and anti-reflective coatings which filter light and block blue light from both natural sunlight and digital devices. They are are custom engineered to block a large spectrum of blue light from your eyes increasing comfort, stamina, and restfulness whenever you read from your devices.

Benefits of Blue Blocking Lenses

The eye is not very good at blocking blue light, which can be harmful when exposed to your eyes for long stretches, increasing the risk of headaches (including migraines), visual distortion, visual stress and fatigue, and wakefulness.


Research has shown that lenses which block blue light increase contrast significantly. Glasses with with yellow-tinted lenses increase comfort when you're viewing digital devices for extended periods of time.


Millions of people read on their devices every night to slow down their brains right before bed. However, if you don't have a way to block the high-frequency blue light from entering your eyes, it will often have the effect of increasing the time it takes to fall asleep and shaving precious minutes or even hours from your sleep schedule!


The eye's natural lens blocks some short-wavelength blue light, but when replaced with an artificial lens you lose this natural blocking power. Thus, after cataract surgery you might benefit from eyeglasses that have lenses with a special blue light filter — especially if you spend long hours in front of a computer screen or using other digital devices.


Blue light penetrates all the way to the retina, which is the inner lining of the back of the eye. This is  is important because laboratory studies have shown that too much exposure to blue light can damage light-sensitive cells in the retina. This causes changes that resemble macular degeneration, which can lead to permanent vision loss.


Tek Spex 3000 series computer glasses not only block blue light, they feature a progressive, multi-focal lens which provides a large field of view, including near, far and in between! Enjoy seeing your entire computer screen clearly. Rimless diamond cut styling is the latest fashion trend and is available EXCLUSIVELY from

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Secret Revealed - How To save A Bundle On Prescription Glasses

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matterhorn prescription eyeglasses frames

    men's quality prescription glasses frames

How much did you pay for your last pair of optical quality frames? If you're like most people, you probably spent $300, $400, maybe even $500 or more. There is a reason you will always pay top dollar to purchase frames at an optical store or an optometrist. It's a simple fact of math. Stores and doctor's offices have to pay a mortgage or a lease every month month for the building. They have a huge electrical bill. They have to pay a staff. They have to make a huge mark-up just to pay the monthly expenses.  


But stop! Aloha Eyes is about to reveal a sweet little secret how you can save hundreds of dollars on your next pair of prescription eye glass frames. Shopping for your next pair of glasses online is easy and is the best way to get the same prescription quality frames at a fraction of the cost.  Here's how.

Step One: Determine your frame size. You may never have noticed it before, but all prescription eyewear frames have three little numbers usually on the temples (arms) and possibly on the bridge or on the ear piece.

These numbers indicate the frame's dimensions. Take a look at the frames that you are currently wearing to see what size they are.

There can be quite a few different kinds of numbers and markings inside your frame, and not all of them are relevant to the size. The eye size and bridge size are often located next to one another, sometimes separated by a square box icon. The temple size may immediately follow those two sets of numbers, or have some other info in between.

Eye Size: a two-digit number in the 40 - 62 range

Bridge Size: a two-digit number in the 14 - 24 range

Temple size: a three-digit number in the 120 - 150 range

prescription frame size guide

prescription eyeglasses frame guideframes for prescripion eye glass lenses size guide

Step Two:  You'll need a copy of your most recent prescription from your optometrist. If you don't have it, don't worry. Simply ask your eye doctor to email a copy to you. If it has been over year since you visited your eye doctor, or if your current eyeglasses don't seem to be helping your vision as well as when you first purchased them, you should make an appointment to get your eyes examined before investing money on outdated prescription lenses.

Step Three: Go online and make a search for "prescription quality eyeglass frames." You will be amazed at the fabulous selection frames in a huge variety of frame styles, colors and materials; way more than any one optician or optical store could possibly hope to carry. If you like to earn loyalty points and rewards, has a nice selection of extremely affordable rx-able frames priced between $24.88 and $67.99. Select men's or women's "prescription eyewear frames" from the drop down menu and find a pair you like which are similar to the size discussed above. If you are on a strict budget, it is best to look for a neutral color and shape that you can wear every day. With the money you are going to save you could choose a second or even third pair in your favorite color, or have one pair of frames tinted for wearing in the sun. 

Step Four: Your new frames have arrived and you can't wait to wear them. But first you need to add your prescription lenses! So grab that prescription (from step two) and your fabulous new glasses and run down to down to your local discount optical store. Wal-Mart and Sam's Club offer super low prices to add your prescription lenses to any optical frames and you do not even have to be a member! In just a few days you'll be looking good and feeling great about the money still in your pocket.

If you're concerned about ordering glasses online without trying them on, no worries! You do not want toPurchase from a company which also puts the lens in before you can try on the glasses you might have a problem. So look for a online store that allows you to try out the frames first. This also gives you to opportunity to shop around for the best lens price once you've found that perfect look.

At purchasing optical frames is risk free because we always offer Free Shipping and Free Returns and Exchanges. Click Here to see all of Aloha Eyes prescription frames!

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