Aloha Eyes

"Terminators" Reading Sunglasses

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Power: 1
Color: Black
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Do you love to read outside but can't bear the glare and reflection of the pages caused by the sun? With our Terminators, now you can have 100% UV protection and eliminate the brightest rays of the sun as you read. Terminators are a must have for your next vacation, whether you are relaxing by the pool, at the beach, or simply on a lounge chair in the back yard. Terminators look great on just about everyone, men and women alike. The contours are sleek and sporty, with a wrap-around form factor to block the sun from entering through the sides. Terminators are the best solution for people who want to read in the sun but find bifocal sunglasses unattractive or distracting. Comes with a protective carrying case to protect your shades. On sale exclusively from Aloha Eyewear (formerly Ritzy Readers), not sold in stores.
  • Fits Medium - Wide. Lens: 2.50" w x 1.50" Temple Width: 5.75" Weight: 1.3oz
  • NOT A BIFOCAL: This style offers image magnification across the entire surface of the lens and is unsuitable for distance viewing.
  • Sturdy Lucite frames And lightweight lenses For all-day comfort and enjoyment.
  • Wrapping design blocks bright sunlight from almost any angle. 100% UV protection.
  • Includes handy carrying case to protect your shades.