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Aloha Eyewear Tek Spex 3001 Women's Progressive No-Line Rimless Computer Reading Glasses with Blue Light Blocking Lens

$ 24.99
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Color: Purple
Power: +1.50
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Thousands of people have discovered the power and freedom of our Tek Spex progressive no-line readers, and now there's a Tek Spex specifically engineered for people who love to spend time online! Tek Spex 3001 feature a coating that is perfect for filtering out high-frequency blue light from your vision Ñ essential for those who require or enjoy extended sessions of "screen time" on their computers, televisions, smart phones, or tablets. Blue light can be harmful when exposed to your eyes for long stretches, increasing the risk of headaches (including migraines), visual distortion, visual stress and fatigue, and wakefulness. That last one is especially important: at night it's highly recommended you allow your eyes some down-time in preparation for a restful night's sleep. And millions of people read on their devices every night to slow down their brains right before bed. However, if you don't have a way to block the high-frequency blue light from entering your eyes, it will often have the opposite effect, increasing the time it takes to fall asleep and shaving precious minutes or even hours from your sleep schedule! Tek Spex 3001 are custom engineered to block a large spectrum of blue light from your eyes increasing comfort, stamina, and restfulness whenever you read from your devices. Our progressives are superior to conventional progressive lenses because Tek Spex lenses are made using the latest Digital-Ray-Path technology. Digital progressives are extremely easy to get used to: they do not have as much distortion (also known as aberration) on the sides of the lens the way conventional progressives do, resulting in a much clearer field of view. They deliver freedom to see clearly in every direction, which only the finest progressive no-line optics can provide. See the difference for yourself!

  • Average to Narrow fit. Lens: 2.25 in. w. x 1.25 in. hi. Weight: 0.9 oz.
  • Progressive multifocus reading glasses have ABSOLUTELY NO LINE. Digital-Ray-Path lens technology delivers the ultimate clarity of vision, with very little distortion on the sides of the lenses compared to normal progressives. See up close, medium distance, and far away all with the same pair of readers. Reading magnification so invisible, nobody will know you're wearing bifocals but you!
  • Blocks harmful blue light from entering your eyes during extended screen viewing from television, computers, smart phones, and tablets.
  • Virtually eliminates blue light from entering your eyes, decreasing eye strain and fatigue. Experience fewer headaches (including migraines), visual distortions, tired eyes, and sleeplessness at night with this simple but brilliant solution.
  • Hard case and microfiber cleaning cloth included.