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Tek Spex 8001 DUAL FOCUS Women's Translucent Progressive No-Line Bifocal with Top and Bottom Magnification

$ 0.00 $ 34.99
Color: Pink
Power: 0 Top/+1.00 Bottom
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Making the switch from regular bifocals to progressive lenses has never been easier or more affordable with our Tek Spex 8001 series of no-line readers! Traditional bifocals have a clear upper lens for regular distance viewing and a distinct zone of magnification at the bottom, and switching between the two can sometimes feel jarring, especially at higher magnifications. That's the beauty of progressive lenses: they are manufactured to gradually increase magnification from zero to the lens' maximum threshold, giving you unmatched multifocal freedom and allowing you to see not just up close and far away, but middle distances as well. Not only that, they completely eliminate the telltale line of most reading glasses. With progressive lenses, nobody knows you're wearing readers but you! Join the millions of men and women who have said goodbye to ugly "drug store readers" and said hello to the most modern and youthful corrective eyewear in the world. With our Tek Spex, not only will you be able to see more, but you'll look as young as you feel. What's not to love?