Aloha Eyes

American Woman Rimless Women's Reading Glasses

$ 9.99
Color: Black
Power: 1.5
Sizing guide
Sometimes you just need a trusty pair of no-nonsense reading glasses that are comfortable, durable, and go with just about anything. Enter our brand new "American Woman DX" readers from Aloha Eyewear. American Woman DX has an elegant, semi-rimless design, enhancing your own natural beauty as well providing a completely unobstructed view of your reading material. These glasses are featherweight; a perfect fit for all-day reading sessions. They're so comfortable, you'll likely forget you even have them on. An essential for any woman who needs a modern reader for everyday use. American Woman DX are bifocal readers with clear tops, so they're suitable for both distance and up close viewing. Hard carrying case included. On sale exclusively from Aloha Eyewear, not sold in stores.
  • Fits Narrow to Average. Lens: 2in.x 1in. Temple: 5in. Weight: 0.5oz.
  • Slim, Semi-Rimless Design with Conservative Color Palette for Everyday Use
  • Featherweight Construction for All-Day Reading Enjoyment
  • Premium Aspheric Bifocal Lenses Suitable for Both Up-Close and Distance Viewing
  • Includes Hard Carrying Case to Protect Your Glasses