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Bimini Fashion Full Reading Sunglasses with Vintage Design and a RX-able Frame - 51mm x 20mm x 140mm

$ 39.99 $ 22.99 Sale
size: +1.50
color: Black W/ Smoke Lens
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Bimini full reading sunglasses are for gals who like a little bit of old school charm when they put on a pair of shades. These readers are hand-finished and feature a sleek almost-but-not-quite-cat-eye lens that combines a hot look from the past with the retro sensibilities of today. These full reading sunglasses are an excellent choice for those who get absorbed in a good book and don't feel the need to switch back and forth between magnificaton and distance viewing or for those who find bifocal lenses distracting. And the best part of all, they're hundreds of dollars less than a comparable pair of prescription sunglasses. Please note that these are not bifocal lenses. The lenses are magnified throughout and are thus not suitable for distance viewing. For a large assortment of bifocal sunglasses for men and women, please visit the Ritzy Readers storefront.