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"Camo Spex" Wrap-Around Polarized Goggles

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Color: Brown & Green w/ Amber Lens
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"Camo Spex" sports goggles from Aloha Eyewear are for men and women who need ultimate UV protection when enjoying the great outdoors. These wrap-around lenses protect your eyes from harmful sunlight at any angle while the inner padded lining shield you from hazards like foliage, insects, and flying debris. Better yet, the lenses are fully polarized, practically eliminating glare from reflective surfaces such as water, snow, glass, and metal. Camo Spex goggles are the perfect accompaniment for fishing, boating, hunting, or wherever you find life's next great adventure. Due to the manufacturing process, frame patterns may not exactly match the images displayed. On sale exclusively online from Aloha Eyewear, not sold in stores.
  • Wrap-around goggles with ultra-comfortable padded lining shield your eyes from all angles. 100% UV protection with polarized coating eliminates glare for your safety and comfort.
  • Three camouflage designs to show off your love of the Great Outdoors. Comes in brown and green w/ amber lens, dark green with smoke lens and light green with smoke lens.
  • Perfect for bikers, cyclists, fishermen, hunters, golfers and anyone else who leads an active lifestyle.
  • Fits Medium - Narrow. Lens:3w x 1.75 h Temple:5 Weight:1.1oz.
  • Comes with carrying case to protect your shades.