Aloha Eyes

"Makeup Reader" Reading Glasses

$ 5.99
12 reviews
Color: Multi Colored
Power: 1.25
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Attention nearsighted ladies! Now you can see while putting on your eye makeup with our specialty Makeup Readers, an essential tool for you glamor girls who are young at heart. These specs come equipped with a flip-down hinge on each eye, allowing you to apply eyeshadow, mascara, eyebrow pencil, and more as crisply and cleanly as you did when you were a teenager. Perfect for women who are tired of taking their glasses on and off to apply makeup or leaning in extra close to the makeup mirror. On sale online exclusively from Aloha Eyewear, not sold in stores.
  • Fits Average - Wide. Lens: 1.75in w. x 1.5in h. Temple: 5.25in Weight:0.8oz
  • Hinged lenses for easy, no-mess makeup application.
  • Apply makeup without taking your glasses on and off or getting extremely close to your mirror.
  • Can also be used as normal reading glasses in a pinch.
  • Includes carrying case to protect your glasses.