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"Seagulls" Full Reading Unisex Metal Frame Sports Driving Sunglasses (Non Bifocal)

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Color: Black
Power: +1.00
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"Seagulls" full reading sunglasses are a must-have for your next vacation. Wear them whenever you are relaxing by the pool, at the beach, or simply on a lounge chair in the back yard with a good book. The lightweight design gives you the ultimate comfort as you read in style. Seagulls look great on just about everyone, men and women alike. The contours are classic and gently curve with the shape of your face to help block the sun from entering through the sides. Seagulls are the best solution for people who want to read in the sun but find bifocal sunglasses unattractive or distracting. Please note that these are not bifocals - the glasses have reading magnification throughout and are thus unsuitable for distance viewing
Fits Medium - Wide. Lens: 2.25in., Temple: 5.5in., Weight: 1.4oz.
Spring Hinge Temples and Adjustable Nose Pads for All-Day Comfort
Ready-to-Wear Full Reading Sunglasses (Not a Bifocal) in a Durable Unisex FrameUV 400 Prescription-Quality Lenses. Read Outdoors and Protect Your Eyes.
Includes Carrying Case to Protect Your Shades