Aloha Eyes

"Vegas Sun" Women's RX-able Bifocal Sunglasses

$ 8.99
Power: 1.25
Color: Leopard
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You'll never need two pairs of glasses when you're outdoors again! Vegas Sun bifocal sunglasses are extremely useful when you check your cell phone, read directions on a map, scan the fine print instructions when planting seeds any time you need to see both close-up and distances while you're outdoors. And, it doesn't hurt that the stylish and glamorous animal print frames are sure to turn heads! The tops are regular sunglasses with almost invisible bifocals below. The classic stripes come with either smoke or brown lenses. All other colors have smoke lenses only.
  • Never Wear Two Pairs of Glasses Again
  • Almost Invisible Line - They Look Like Regular Sunglasses
  • Wide Field of View Great for Driving, Sports, Outdoor Activities, etc.
  • Includes Convenient Carrying/Cleaning Pouch
  • Lens: 2.25in x 1.375in Temple: 5.5in Weight:1.6oz Optical Measurements - Lens: 56mm Bridge: 18mm Arms: 125mm