Aloha Eyes

"Wrap-Around Sport" Bifocal Sunglasses for Sporty and Stylish Men

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Color: Smoke
Power: 1.5
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Men's Sun bifocals are perfect for outdoor use when you need to see both near and far. Order smoke for daytime and yellow for night driving. Enjoy driving, sporting activities, golf, boating, fishing, gardening and any outdoor activity when you need UV protection plus a corrective reading lens. Glamorous styles, comfortable full view with almost invisible ocular line. They are regular sunglasses on top with a your choice of strength corrective reading lens on the bottom. Never wear two pairs of glasses again! Great for those who do not want to take their readers on and off. .
  • Wraparound UV400 Protection Lenses Shield Your Eyes From Every Angle
  • Perfect For The Outdoor Enthusiast Who Needs To Read In The Sun
  • Almost Invisible Bifocal Line - Only You Will Know They're Readers
  • Includes Soft Carrying/Cleaning Pouch
  • One Size Fits All